Get in Dance Shape with a
 Fun Salsa Footwork Routine!

  • Practice arm styling
  • Improve body movement
  • Increase agility & speed
  • Build endurance and stamina
  • Get used to dancing in heels
  • Play with musicality

Train at your own pace.

Although this is a solo routine, all of this training will translate to improving your partner dancing skills as well.

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class structure

Each class is 2-hours.

  • Warm Up | Increase our body's core temperature and increase blood flow to get our bodies open to movement and activated for dancing.
  • Dynamic Stretches & Body Isolations | Increase nerve activity and range of motion, while awakening your body movement.
  • Focused Topics | Refresh your fundamentals and footwork shines, learn the choreography, explore musicality, challenge your speed and agility, get into the finer details to polish the routine, improve your cardio endurance, and get performance ready!
  • Cool Down & Stretch | Enhance recovery and increase flexibility and mobility.

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