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"A couple years ago I decided to take lessons to learn how to follow any lead and shine. Well it didn't go so well. I took multiple private lessons and weekly group lessons from the instructors with dance companies I was told were the best. I never progressed and was extremely discouraged. In fact I quit dancing for a year... I had heard great things about their program and decided to give it another try. I'm so glad I did because their curriculum and teaching style has helped me progress and reignited my desire to learn and be able to truly enjoy salsa dancing!!!

- Lee

"These are some of the best salsa dance instructors I have had the pleasure of learning from. They are able to breakdown techniques in a way that is easy to learn, and they are quality people that love what they do. The Salsa Beat has my highest recommendation."

- Alex H.

meet your instructors

Erica Hernandez

Erica is dedicated to teaching people how to Salsa Dance. She believes anyone can learn how to dance by finding a program that works with their unique background and learning style. She partnered with Juan-2-3 to create a curriculum that focuses on the key fundamentals of Salsa; connection, footwork, partner moves, spin technique, rhythm and musicality. After guiding hundreds of students through their step-by-step program, she has experienced the greatest joy for a dance teacher-watching her students have fun on the dance floor! 

Erica began dancing at the age of four. She learned ballet, jazz, and hip hop. She participated in Drill Team, Cheer, and Song learning about formations and how to synchronize movements on a team. While getting her BS in Electrical Engineering at SDSU, she fell in love with Salsa dancing. In 2005, she joined Majesty in Motion Dance Company and trained hard everyday. She earned a spot on the professional team where she performed and taught with her dance partner Juan-2-3. Since 2006, Erica has been teaching people how to Salsa Dance locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Juan-2-3 Hernandez

Colombian, born in Brooklyn raised between Spain and New York. In 1999, while in the Military and having lived in Japan for two years, Juan-2-3 arrived to San Diego. It was then that he was introduced to Salsa group classes and dance teams. Although he struggled to learn, his passion for Salsa never stopped. In 2002 he joined Majesty in Motion Dance company and worked his way up to their professional team, then became co-director of the company and meet his beloved new partner Erica, now wife. Unfortunately, in 2010 he had to quit the team due to military injuries that kept worsening. However, his passion to teach still thrives today. Besides continuing to teach, choreograph and perform Salsa, Juan now also hopes to reach the world and inspire people from all walks of life that "Anyone Can Salsa dance".


Rojo, aka Steve Meyer has been involved in some sort of musical adventure since he was born. Joining the UCSD ballroom dance team, involving travelling and competitions in Ballroom, Latin Dances and Swing, also gravitating toward West-Coast Swing, a style that really helped him put moves together that “hit those hits…” Then Rojo discovered Salsa dancing. What he loves most about Salsa music is it’s richness in rhythmic diversity. Rojo competed and performed on the World’s biggest stages, and also got the opportunity to perform with the great Tito Puente himself. Teaching Salsa at all levels for over 10 years, his favorite teaching activity was “Drills, drills and more drills” to train footwork and technique. Rojo hopes to bring the same passion for the music, footwork and drills to The Salsa Beat community.