Learn with experienced teachers who focus on having fun while learning.

Meet new friends who love to dance and be active.

9 hours of training!

Must RSVP to Enroll.

--Next Enrollment Open House July 28, 2024--



Level 0 w/ Antonio

Level 1 w/ Antonio & Erica

Level 2 w/ Juan-2-3 & Lindsey

Level 3 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica


Level 4 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica

Level 5 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica

Important Dates for Series 4

Friday, June 18, Early Registration for Current Students

Sunday, July 28, Open House-Registration Opens

Wednesday, July 31, Registration Closes

August 3 & 4, Classes Begin
August 10 & 11, Class 2
August 17 & 18, Class 3
August 24 & 25, Class 4
Aug 31 & Sept 1, BREAK (no class)
September 7 & 8, Class 5
September 14 & 15, Class 6
Sept TBD, Social Dance Field Trip


Series 2 - Winter/Spring
March 2 & 3, Classes Begin
March 9 & 10, Class 2
March 16 & 17, Class 3
March 23 & 24, Class 4
March 30 & 31, BREAK (no class)  
April 6 & 7, Class 5
April 13 & 14, Class 6
April TBD, Social Dance Field Trip

Series 3 - Spring
May 4 & 5, Classes Begin
May 11 & 12, Class 2
May 18 & 19, Class 3
May 25 & 26, BREAK (no class) 
June 1 & 2, Class 4
June 8 & 9, Class 5
June 15 & 16, Class 6
June TBD, Social Dance Field Trip

Series 4 - Summer
August 3 & 4, Classes Begin
August 10 & 11, Class 2
August 17 & 18, Class 3
August 24 & 25, Class 4
Aug 31 & Sept 1, BREAK (no class)
September 7 & 8, Class 5
September 14 & 15 Class 6
Sept TBD, Social Dance Field Trip

Series 5 - Fall
October 5 & 6, Classes Begin October 12 & 13, Class 2
October 19 & 20, Class 3
October 26 & 27, BREAK (no class)
November 2 & 3, Class 4
November 9 & 10, Class 5
November 15 & 16, Class 6
Dec TDB, Social Dance Field Trip


Studio K Dance & Fitness
9340 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste F
San Diego, CA 92123


Level 0 is our Intro to Salsa Course. Each course includes 6 classes, 1 hour each, with 1 instructor. You pay $15 per hour of instruction.

For Levels 1-5, each course includes 6 classes, 90-minutes each, 2 instructors, for a total of 9 hours.
You pay $19.45 per hour of instruction. Cost per hour goes down when you Unlock Levels and take more classes.

Online members can watch the class replay online from home to make up classes missed.


Our aim is to make learning Salsa On2 dance skills a super fun and safe experience! We're all about teaching you practical technique, rhythm, and smooth leading and following skills, so that you can hit the dance floor with anyone, anywhere, and feel awesome afterwards!

  • We have a step-by-step dance curriculum created by Juan-2-3 & Erica, which they honed over two decades of teaching experience
  • Our instructors are patient and care about helping you learn how to dance 
  • No partner necessary. Everyone rotates partners 
  • Learn in an air-conditioned studio centrally located in San Diego
  • Classes are filmed and uploaded for our Online Members. All students attending classes in-person at the studio will be required to sign a video release form


Progressive courses gradually layer new concepts each week and provide time to review and build muscle memory. It's an effective way to improve as a dancer.

Each class will include:

  1. Shines and footwork that are geared toward the learning objective.
  2. We'll use a different turn pattern in each class to show you how to use essential non-verbal communication techniques.
  3. For Levels 2 and up, class will include social dance practice.
  4. Drills to build your social dance skills:
  • Leader-Follower Dynamics: Followers, you will improve frame and ability to get through the moves without relying on a partner. Leaders, you will gain valuable insight on how your lead is connected with the follower’s weight transfer.  
  • Memory/Recall: Get ready to work your brain! We will challenge your ability to recall long sequences of patterns while training spin technique.  
  • Adaptability: We will rotate partners at a faster pace, which will enhance your ability to adjust to dancing with different partners.  
  • Spin Technique: You will gain balance and control in your own spins, while increasing your comfort leading/following back to back turn combinations.  
  • Stamina & Agility: Improve your ability to dance for hours with ease by dancing to faster songs.
  • Salsa Field Trip! We will go to a Latin Dance Club together as a group.


Our goal is to place you in the class that will benefit you the most. On the first day of class, we will run through all prerequisites. If you are not in the right class for you, the instructor may move you to a different level. Moving to a lower level is a proactive measure to ensure your success. If you aren't sure which level to join, please contact Juan-2-3@TheSalsaBeat.com to set up an evaluation.

All classes are filmed live and uploaded for our Online Members. All students attending classes in-person at the studio will be required to sign a video release form.

Level 0 - Intro to Salsa On2

“I may not have been born with the dancing gene, or natural talent for dancing, but I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone, stop avoiding the dance floor, and make new friends through Salsa.” 

Never taken Salsa lessons before? You're in the right place! We can get you started. No partner and no experience required! Everyone rotates dance partners to allow you to meet people and experience the fun of social dancing.

None. Just bring your smile and a positive attitude. This is the first step in learning how to Salsa dance.


  • How to count Salsa music to dance on beat.
  • Core Salsa dance steps and your first Salsa turn.
  • How to dance with a partner.
  • Learn basic moves and how to combine them to make combos.


This level is designed for people who have learned the basics and need more practice to build that muscle memory. This class is also great for On1 dancers transitioning to Salsa On2. In this class, you will train fundamental concepts, techniques, and moves that form the basis for all future classes.

Level 0 or other Intro to Salsa On2 course. You know how to:

  • Connect in Open and Closed position 
  • How to do basic step, side basic, cross overs, 2 o'clock right turns. 
  • Lead/Follow the basic step, side basic, crossovers, right turns, cross body leads


  • Develop more speed and coordination.
  • Learn how to combine combos to create patterns.
  • Build confidence with the fundamentals.


If you have a decent understanding of Salsa On2 Dancing but struggle with connecting moves back-to-back, then this class is for you. This level is designed for students that are still building their muscle memory for core Salsa dance steps and also experienced dancers that have taken a long break and want to ease back into training. Students will build on the foundations they learned in Level 1. Experienced dancers will get a refresher of important fundamentals. The focus is on improving technique, muscle memory, and building confidence.


  • You are able to find the “1” without the help of an instructor or your dance partner. 
  • You are able to recall moves called out by the instructor and execute them on the spot. 
  • As a leader, you are able to lead combos with 3-4 Level 1 moves while dancing at 85 bpm and maintaining On2 timing.  
  • As a follower, you are able to execute regular and reverse cross body leads, and right and left walk-around turns without a partner while dancing at 85 bpm and staying on beat. You are able to maintain a light connection and do not rely on your partner to get through Level 1 moves.


  • Improve technique and timing to develop a smoother partnering connection. 
  • Take basic building blocks learned in Level 1 to make new moves and turn combos. 
  • Create danceable patterns by stringing moves together in order to social dance. 
  • Be able to layer multiple concepts to improve the look and feel of your dancing.  
  • Learn to lead/follow traveling right turns and switch turning directions. 
  • Build processing speed by practicing with faster music. 
  • Get introduced to Latin body movement and body isolation drills. 
  • New techniques to avoid boredom and diversify moves.


This level is designed for students that have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and are able to execute core Salsa moves with confidence and ease. We will introduce different traveling turns, longer and more challenging turn patterns, and faster music while focusing on refining dance techniques.


  • Level 1 and 2 prerequisites.
  • As a leader, you are able to lead Level 1 and 2 moves and turns while dancing at 90 bpm and maintaining On2 timing. 
  • As a follower, you are able to execute traveling right turn combos, left into right turn combos, and open break switches without a partner at 90 bpm while staying on beat.


  • Refine connection and frame using specific moves that utilize these concepts.
  • Incorporate more styling into dance patterns. 
  • Develop agility and speed to be able to move quicker and dance to medium-fast tempo songs. 
  • Train body control for Latin movement such as contra body, shoulder rolls, shimmies, and hips. 
  • As a leader, strengthen memorization skills to be able to string together longer dance patterns. Make your lead more clear by using appropriate timing, signals, and body positioning (i.e. determine your proximity to your dance partner for various moves). Learn new hand connections and transitions to make your lead smoother and add variety to your combos. Practice leading foundational turn combos back to back. 
  • As a follower, discover how to respond faster and adjust your movements for a lighter connection while still maintaining proper resistance. Learn how to control your spins through traveling turns in both directions, back to back turn combos and quick changes in turning direction. Develop your core and dance posture. Begin adding arm styling without disrupting the connection. 


This level is for students who are confident with a variety of traveling turns, back-to-back turn combos, and long dance patterns. Now we will increase interest and excitement by adding extra spins for both leaders and followers.

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 prerequisites plus: 
  • As a leader, you are able to lead Level 1, 2, and 3 moves and turns while staying On2 timing and dancing at 95 bpm.  
  • As a follower, you have the ability to perform consecutive traveling turns in both directions, swift directional changes while turning, and execute double open break switches, all without a partner while staying on the dance line at a pace of 90 bpm and maintaining the rhythm.


  • Side axles, hook turns, double right turns, along with double triple turns. 
  • Control through quick changes in turning direction. 
  • Develop speed with fast salsa music to train agility and processing speed to recall multiple layers of connection, technique and coordination.
  • Incorporate Latin body movement while partner dancing.
  • As a leader, continue training leadings skills by learning more moves to faster tempo music. Learn how to lead and give yourself multiple spins and turn combos that require quick direction changes. How to combine new hand connections and transitions with traveling moves. How to go in and out of shines and reconnect with your partner. 
  • As a follower, learn techniques for how to follow double spins and double traveling turns. Develop balance and control with spin drills. Learn how to recall shines when the leader lets you go on the dance floor. Incorporate body movement and arm styling while following intricate turn patterns. 


Now you are confidently social dancing Salsa On2. This level is designed for experienced dancers that are looking to refine footwork, fine-tune transitions between complex turn patterns, gain power and control through turns, move more naturally, dance closer, and connect better with your partner and the music.  

  • Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 prerequisites, plus: 
  • As a leader, you are able to execute Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 moves and turns while staying On2 timing and dancing at 95 bpm.  
  • As a follower, you are able to execute Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 moves and perform double right turns at a pace of 95 bpm and maintaining On2 timing. 


  • S-Turns, double left turns, barrel turns, and quick traveling turns using syncopated steps. 
  • Control through quicker sharp turns and quick direction changes. 
  • Train with faster songs to increase speed, agility, and processing power. 
  • Practice Latin body movement. 
  • As a leader, continue training memory recall by stringing together longer dance patterns. Learn how to lead turn combos while incorporating quick axle turns for yourself, combine more complex connections and transitions, and go in and out of shines during partnerwork.  
  • As a follower, you will continue training balance and control through complex turn patterns, learn how to spin faster, practice staying close to your partner, and get comfortable with quick changes in direction. Develop precision with spin drills. Add styling and Latin body movement to your partnerwork. Build confidence with shines for when your partner lets you loose on the dance floor.