"To increase the excitement on the dance floor Salsa combines many “cross-body-lead” (CBL) moves with right and left turns. This course covers the “CBL Right Turn” but first we will focus on leveling-up our basic core moves by layering them with level 2 concepts. Such as  "Hammerlocks", "Hair combs" and a new "Open Break".  


First we will focus on leveling-up our basic core moves by layering them with level 2 concepts. Such as "hammerlocks", "Hair combs" and a new "Open Break". Then we increase the fun by combining “cross-body-lead” (CBL) moves with "right turns". 

what You're going to learn



During this Open Break we learn how we can use the energy generated from breaking-back with our partner in order to turn and switch sides with them.



Level Up what you know vs. learning something new. The best way to level-up a basic right turn is to add a hammerlock-hold that becomes undone by doing an “open break switch” 



Here we cover a leader’s “Underarm Left Turn”. Along with what to do, and consider, about our hands’ connection when the leader decides to turn himself to the left.



This lesson covers how to lead the follower into Cross-Body-Lead (CBL) Right Turns, which entails multiple right turns. One and half turns to be exact. A challenging turn but never impossible.



Let’s now connect a leader’s "Left turn" with a follower’s “CBL Right Turn” to create a turn combo. We will also cover a new shoulder connection to help prep and lead easier .



This pattern has a whole lot of everything. Spinning, Styling and switching sides with your partner in different ways. Let’s now start it with basic "Closed Position Reverse CBL", with twist at the end.


In each lesson, you will learn how to lead and follow a new Level 2 move. Leaders will learn how to use this new move to create a combination with Level 1 moves that you already know. Followers will practice reading cues and reacting. In each lesson you will continue reinforcing fundamental techniques and footwork you’ve learned while incorporating new information.
This is how all partnering courses are structured:  
  • Learn the footwork associated with each move or turn.
  • Layer-in technique through a series of steps and important tips.
  • Gradually add components individually and build an entire move.
  • Combine moves into combos and then create entire patterns.
  • Practice at various music speeds to improve processing time. 

We will spend a majority of our time dancing together in order to help you build better muscle memory, give you added confidence on the dance floor, and continue preparing you for the next stage - every step of the way.  

what our students say

"We had tried private lessons before but never felt a real connection with Salsa until Juan and Erica started teaching us. It isn't just about learning the steps; they teach you how to hear the beats... how to become better leads and follows... I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to either start their dancing journey or enhance their current one."

- Jamileh B.

"Absolutely no regrets. I still cannot believe I can dance salsa after 4 lessons. And in all honesty, I have practiced very little due to my super busy schedule. Almost all my dance time is during my lessons. I no longer have to stand on the side at the club when they play salsa. Juan's program really works..."

- O.M.

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meet your instructors

Erica Hernandez

Erica is dedicated to teaching people how to Salsa Dance. She believes anyone can learn how to dance by finding a program that works with their unique background and learning style. She partnered with Juan-2-3 to create a curriculum that focuses on the key fundamentals of Salsa; connection, footwork, partner moves, spin technique, rhythm and musicality. After guiding hundreds of students through their step-by-step program, she has experienced the greatest joy for a dance teacher-watching her students have fun on the dance floor! 

Erica began dancing at the age of four. She learned ballet, jazz, and hip hop. She participated in Drill Team, Cheer, and Song learning about formations and how to synchronize movements on a team. While getting her BS in Electrical Engineering at SDSU, she fell in love with Salsa dancing. In 2005, she joined Majesty in Motion Dance Company and trained hard everyday. She earned a spot on the professional team where she performed and taught with her dance partner Juan-2-3. Since 2006, Erica has been teaching people how to Salsa Dance locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Juan-2-3 Hernandez

Colombian, born in Brooklyn raised between Spain and New York. In 1999, while in the Military and having lived in Japan for two years, Juan-2-3 arrived to San Diego. It was then that he was introduced to Salsa group classes and dance teams. Although he struggled to learn, his passion for Salsa never stopped. In 2002 he joined Majesty in Motion Dance company and worked his way up to their professional team, then became co-director of the company and meet his beloved new partner Erica, now wife. Unfortunately, in 2010 he had to quit the team due to military injuries that kept worsening. However, his passion to teach still thrives today. Besides continuing to teach, choreograph and perform Salsa, Juan now also hopes to reach the world and inspire people from all walks of life that "Anyone Can Salsa dance".