Boost your Salsa On2 Dance skills and confidence with 
9 hours of training!

 Designed for
Level 4.  

Two professional instructors 
to teach both the leaders and followers techniques.

All classes are filmed live and uploaded for our Online Members. 


This level is for students who are confident with a variety of traveling turns, back-to-back turn combos, and long dance patterns. Now we will increase interest and excitement by adding extra spins for both leaders and followers and more speed.

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 prerequisites plus: 
  • As a leader, you are able to lead Level 1, 2, and 3 moves and turns while staying On2 timing and dancing at 95 bpm.  
  • As a follower, you have the ability to perform consecutive traveling turns in both directions, swift directional changes while turning, and execute double open break switches, all without a partner while staying on the dance line at a pace of 90 bpm and maintaining the rhythm.


  • Side axles, hook turns, double right turns, along with traveling triple turns. 
  • Control through quick changes in turning direction. 
  • Develop speed with fast salsa music to train agility and processing speed to recall multiple layers of connection, technique and coordination.
  • Incorporate Latin body movement while partner dancing.
  • As a leader, continue training memorization skills by stringing together longer dance patterns to fast tempo music. How to lead and give yourself multiple spins and turn combos that require quick direction changes. How to combine new hand connections and transitions with traveling moves. How to go in and out of shines and reconnect with your partner. 
  • As a follower, learn techniques for how to follow double spins and triple traveling turns. Develop balance and control with spin drills. Learn how to recall shines when the leader lets you go on the dance floor. Incorporate body movement and arm styling while following intricate turn patterns.