Boost your Salsa On2 Dance skills and confidence with 
9 hours of training!

 Designed for
Level 3.  

Two professional instructors 
to teach both the leaders and followers techniques.


This level is designed for students that have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and are able to execute core Salsa moves with confidence and ease. We will introduce different traveling turns, longer and more challenging turn patterns, and faster music while focusing on refining dance techniques.


  • Level 1 and 2 prerequisites.
  • As a leader, you are able to lead Level 1 and 2 moves and turns while dancing at 90 bpm and maintaining On2 timing. 
  • As a follower, you are able to execute traveling right turn combos, left into right turn combos, and open break switches without a partner at 90 bpm while staying on beat.


  • Refine connection and frame using specific moves that utilize these concepts.
  • Incorporate more styling into dance patterns. 
  • Develop agility and speed to be able to move quicker and dance to medium-fast tempo songs. 
  • Train body control for Latin movement such as contra body, shoulder rolls, shimmies, and hips. 
  • As a leader, strengthen memorization skills to be able to string together longer dance patterns. Make your lead more clear by using appropriate timing, signals, and body positioning (i.e. determine your proximity to your dance partner for various moves). Learn new hand connections and transitions to make your lead smoother and add variety to your combos. Practice leading foundational turn combos back to back. 
  • As a follower, discover how to respond faster and adjust your movements for a lighter connection while still maintaining proper resistance. Learn how to control your spins through traveling turns in both directions, back to back turn combos and quick changes in turning direction. Develop your core and dance posture. Begin adding arm styling without disrupting the connection.