Boost your Salsa On2 Dance skills and confidence with 
9 hours of training!

 Designed for
Level 2.  

Two professional instructors 
to teach both the leaders and followers techniques.

All classes are filmed live and uploaded for our Online Members. All students attending classes in-person at the studio will be required to sign a video release form and liability waiver.


3:00-4:30pm Level 1 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica
(9-hours, $175)

4:30-6:00pm Level 2 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica
(9-hours, $175)

3:00-4:30pm Level 3 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica
(9-hours, $175)    

4:30-6:00pm Level 4 w/ Juan-2-3 & Erica
(9-hours, $175)

May 6 & 7 Classes Begin
May 13 & 14 NO CLASS 
May 20 & 21, Class 2
May 27 & 28, Class 3
June 3 & 4, Class 4
June 10 & 11, Class 5
June 17 & 18 NO CLASS 
June 24 & 25 Final Class

* Social Dance Field Trip TBD


Studio K Dance & Fitness
9340 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste F
San Diego, CA 92123

You must fulfill all prerequisite requirements for the level you enroll in. Our goal is to place you in the class that will benefit you the most. On the first day of class, we will run through all prerequisites. If you are not in the right class for you, the teacher may move you to a different level. Moving to a lower level is not a punishment, but a proactive measure to ensure your success. If you aren't sure which level to join, please contact to set up an evaluation.


If you have a decent understanding of Salsa On2 Dancing but struggle with connecting moves back-to-back, then this class is for you. This level is designed for students that are still building their muscle memory for core Salsa dance steps and also experienced dancers that have taken a long break and want to ease back into training. Students will build on the foundations they learned in Level 1. Experienced dancers will get a refresher of important fundamentals. The focus is on improving technique, muscle memory, and building confidence.


  • You are able to find the “1” without the help of an instructor or your dance partner. 
  • You are able to recall moves called out by the instructor and execute them on the spot. 
  • As a leader, you are able to lead combos with 3-4 Level 1 moves while dancing at 85 bpm and maintaining On2 timing.  
  • As a follower, you are able to execute regular and reverse cross body leads, and right and left walk-around turns without a partner while dancing at 85 bpm and staying on beat. You are able to maintain a light connection and do not rely on your partner to get through Level 1 moves.


  • Improve technique and timing to develop a smoother partnering connection. 
  • Take basic building blocks learned in Level 1 to make new moves and turn combos. 
  • Create danceable patterns by stringing moves together in order to social dance. 
  • Be able to layer multiple concepts to improve the look and feel of your dancing.  
  • Learn to lead/follow traveling right turns and switch turning directions. 
  • Build processing speed by practicing with faster music. 
  • Get introduced to Latin body movement and body isolation drills. 
  • New techniques to avoid boredom and diversify moves.