"Footwork Shines" are a core component of Salsa. We define "Shines" as the footwork, or movement, performed when dancing solo. When you see couples break apart, and dance side by side, those combination of steps, spins, movement  and style, it's what we refer to as: "Footwork Shines"

what You're going to learn


This course walks you through our entire level 2 footwork syllabus in a series of 6 lessons. Each lesson breaks-down 4 shines which will focus on specific actions like: slides, skips, syncopations, taps, turn combos and more. The 6th lesson will allow you to practice the entire syllabus back-2-back with three  different instructors calling it out for you .  


The goal is to improve our technique, timing, musicality, styling, agility, control and then-some by completing these 6 lessons. In each lesson you will learn four shines and their fundamental techniques required to execute it. 
During these six lessons you will:  
  • Learn the footwork associated with each move or turn.
  • Layer-in technique through a series of important tips.
  • Individually practice each move to music. Slow, medium and fast.
  • Practice the entire syllabus back-to-back with each of our 3 instructors.

A majority of our time is spent dancing together, which will help build better muscle memory you could count on; give you added confidence on the dance floor; and continue preparing you for the next stage - every step of the way.  

what our students say

"We had tried private lessons before but never felt a real connection with Salsa until Juan and Erica started teaching us. It isn't just about learning the steps; they teach you how to hear the beats... how to become better leads and follows... I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to either start their dancing journey or enhance their current one."

- Jamileh B.

"Absolutely no regrets. I still cannot believe I can dance salsa after 4 lessons. And in all honesty, I have practiced very little due to my super busy schedule. Almost all my dance time is during my lessons. I no longer have to stand on the side at the club when they play salsa. Juan's program really works..."

- O.M.

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meet your instructor


Rojo, aka Steve Meyer has been involved in some sort of musical adventure since he was born. Joining the UCSD ballroom dance team, involving travelling and competitions in Ballroom, Latin Dances and Swing, also gravitating toward West-Coast Swing, a style that really helped him put moves together that “hit those hits…” Then Rojo discovered Salsa dancing. What he loves most about Salsa music is it’s richness in rhythmic diversity. Rojo competed and performed on the World’s biggest stages, and also got the opportunity to perform with the great Tito Puente himself. Teaching Salsa at all levels for over 10 years, his favorite teaching activity was “Drills, drills and more drills” to train footwork and technique. Rojo hopes to bring the same passion for the music, footwork and drills to The Salsa Beat community.