Boost your Salsa On2 Dance skills and confidence with 
9 hours of training!

 Designed for
Level 1.  

Two professional instructors 
to teach both the leaders and followers techniques.

All classes are filmed live and uploaded for our Online Members. All students attending classes in-person at the studio will be required to sign a video release form and liability waiver.

You must fulfill all prerequisite requirements for the level you enroll in. Our goal is to place you in the class that will benefit you the most. On the first day of class, we will run through all prerequisites. If you are not in the right class for you, the teacher may move you to a different level. Moving to a lower level is not a punishment, but a proactive measure to ensure your success. If you aren't sure which level to join, please contact to set up an evaluation.


This level is designed for people who have little Salsa dance experience and also experienced On1 dancers transitioning to Salsa On2. In this class, you will acquire the fundamental concepts, techniques, and moves that form the basis for all future classes.

You are able to do the basic step, cross body lead, and right turn.


  • Develop coordination and how to dance the core Salsa steps on beat.
  • Be able to execute right and left pivot turns and walk-around turns.
  • How to combine moves for the first time.